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A "splash page" is the opening page of a comic book. By analogy, it's come to be used for the first page of a website. This particular website contains information on all the Latin-related activities I participate in online.


LatinStudy is a mailing list dedicated to the study of Latin. Many groups share the list. Some of them are for people who already know Latin; others for people who are just beginning to study the language.

If you'd like to join a LatinStudy group, we're always delighted to have new participants. For info on joining us, see our subscription page.

For a full list of current LatinStudy groups, see Kirk Lougheed's website Quasillum.

I coordinate two groups on LatinStudy. Detailed information on these groups may be found below. Click on the name of the group you're interested in to continue.

Medieval Latin

The Purple Group (Wheelock's 2007 Purple)

When I'm not translating Latin into English, I'm translating English into Latin. I've created a website which has translations I've made of popular songs (e.g., "Puff, the Magic Dragon," and "Leavin' on a Jet Plane.") It has back-translations into English, too!

Carmina Popularia

I have no connection whatsoever with Bill Thayer's LacusCurtius site, except that he's been kind enough to link to my Carmina Popularia, but it's the best darned website of its type on the Web, so I'm linking to it anyway.

Another good site which has linked to Carmina Popularia is Tom Cotton's Phaselus, which contains Latin translations of *The Wind in the Willows*, *A Christmas Carol*, and *The Prisoner of Zenda*.

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