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The LatinStudy list is dedicated to the collaborative study of Latin. Many groups -- 18 at last count -- share the list. Some of them are for people who already know Latin; others for people who are just beginning to study the language.

Our collaborative self-study groups work as follows: A volunteer coordinator sets a weekly or fortnightly assignment and posts a deadline for its completion. Anyone who wishes to participate sends his/her assignment in to the coordinator by the deadline. The coordinator then makes, and posts, a sentence-by-sentence collation of everyone's work, to make it easier to see what each person has done with a given sentence.

In the advanced groups, the coordinator is just another participant in the group, not an instructor. The beginners' groups, however, are coordinated by people who already know Latin, and their coordinators generally do not participate in their groups -- though they're always there to answer questions!

For info on joining us, see our subscription page. For a list of active Latinstudy groups, see Kirk Lougheed's Quasillum.

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