5 False Stereotypes About Artists

Stereotypes that we hear around us usually form a false image in our heads about a certain group of people. Therefore, it is important that we acknowledge them and actively try to combat that way of thinking. Artists have a fair share of stereotypes and misconceptions connected to their profession, which usually turn out to be completely false. Let’s take a look at 5 stereotypes about artists that you definitely should not believe. 

Artists always have a sketchbook with them

It is true that some artists carry a sketchbook at all times so that when inspiration comes, they are ready to use it and make something beautiful. However, there are many different forms of art, and with that, many different kinds of artists. Some do all their work on computers, some on the huge canvases, and others make performance pieces. We shouldn’t assume that just because someone is an artist, they spend their whole day sketching and drawing and cannot leave their house without a notepad. 

Addiction is common among artists

Very unfairly, artists are often associated with some unhealthy lifestyles and many people believe that all sorts of vices such as gambling or drug addiction go hand in hand with this profession. Whether this stereotype comes from the movies or some individual examples from real life, we shouldn’t buy into it. Gambling (we are not talking about an occasional casino game in Spela), drugs, and other vices are present in all spheres of life, whether it be sports, entertainment, politics, economics, or art; however, just because some people are a part of that lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that the whole group is.

Artists are broke

This is usually the reason why artistic professions aren’t the most popular ones and why some parents try to dissuade their children from pursuing them. Because of that, it is very important that we debunk this stereotype and acknowledge that the majority of artists do in fact live normal lives with decent paychecks. Just like with any other job, working hard will probably do the trick. This is even easier today and with the help of technology and social media, you can reach a wide audience and more customers who are willing to pay you for your beautiful art. 

Artists are perfectionists

It is believed that artists are never completely satisfied with their products and that they are always striving for perfection. Of course, some artists are indeed perfectionists and want their art to flawlessly mimic the image they have in their minds. That is why they often get frustrated when things just aren’t going the way they imagined it. But don’t we all? Perfectionism isn’t inclusive to this group of people, as there are many perfectionists in all professions. Moreover, many artists are the exact opposite and are proud of the fact that their art isn’t perfect and that it has flaws just like anything else in life. 

Artists are eccentric

This is one stereotype that does have small truthness to it – Vincent Van Gogh did cut his ear off after all, and Salvador Dali had some very unusual habits. We often imagine artists as very eccentric, dressed in every possible color and sporting outlandish hairstyles. However, there are many artists who dress plainly, work in an office, hang out with their friends after work, and don’t have any outrageous tendencies or habits that make them unusual – therefore, we really shouldn’t assume that somebody is eccentric or does unconventional things just because they are an artist.