Why Sports Are an Important Part of the Education System

While growing up, I was not really a sports-type sort of speaking. Sure I like P.E  mainly because I didn’t have to write anything, but I did not love it as much as some of my peers. Of course, there were those in class who did not like it at all and viewed it as a waste of time. However, whether we liked it or not, the truth was that none of us took P.E as serious as other school subjects. Furthermore, P.E teachers were far less likely to fail a student than any other teacher. In retrospect, I think this is really a bad thing, and that P.E deserves to be taken as seriously as other subjects. 

Physical activity is good for health 

In order for our bodies to develop, and for our brain to properly function, we need physical exercise. Having students participate in P.E is mandatory because it is in their best interest to do so. Furthermore, schools involve a lot of sitting, which is really unhealthy, so the P.E class needs to introduce some balance to the daily routine, and give kids a chance to stretch their muscles. 

Identifying talents

Some kids are good at math, others at art or linguistics, and some are good at sports. It all depends on your natural talent, or naturally, dominance intelligence. Basically, having different subjects at school is giving every child a chance to shine and identify what he or she is good at. Identifying these predispositions from a young age can help kids focus their efforts and excel at something that might very well be their future career.  

Nurturing competitive spirit 

Sports are more competitive than other school subjects, and very often they require teamwork in order to achieve a mutually beneficial goal or victory. These are important traits to develop while we are young because they are truly useful in the workplace. In order to excel in your career, you need to be competitive and strive to outperform others, but at the same time, you have to be a team player. 

Good managers and leaders are those who know what they are doing and those who can educate and inspire their colleagues. This is something you learn as you play sports. You also learn that even if you are good at something but you refuse to collaborate, you will lose. Trusting your teammates, and helping them get better is true sportsmanship and everyone wins that way.

Clearly, P.E is just as important as any other subject in school and as weird as it may sound, I would like to see more people getting lower grades in this class. If a child needs to meet requirements or points to get an A, the same should apply to this subject. Of course, I don’t doubt that there is a more rigorous grading system out there, it’s just that in my school while I was a student that was not the case.